Mitchell Thomas is a guitarist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and private instructor who writes and performs a blend of rock, jazz, world music and hip-hop. Born in Petaluma, California, Mitch was born into a musical family, extending back to his grandmother Francis Thomas, a trumpeter and composer, who privately taught voice to Coretta Scott King while Dr. King’s soon to be wife was enrolled in college. Though flute was his first instrument at age 10, Mitch became serious about music after learning the guitar at age 16, and since then has never looked back. His early influences on the guitar are David Gilmour, James Taylor, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Pat Metheny.

He soon began to compose and learn other instruments for his compositions, including the saxophone, cello, piano, banjo, bass, and dobro. Immediately after recording and releasing his first album solo album at age 19 in which he played all the instruments, titled “A Maze In Grace”, Mitch traveled to The Gambia in West Africa to learn the kora, a 21 string harp-lute, and then to southern Spain to study flamenco guitar. He then formed his own group, and began performing around the Bay Area and Sonoma County both as a solo act and as a band leader, playing and writing for bands such as CuckOOclock, Mitch Thomas Band, and Corn Farmer Shamus.

After 5 years of full time performing and composing for various groups, Mitch realized that he also loved teaching and went back to school to complete his bachelor degree in both Composition and Jazz Studies from Sonoma State University, and is now attending USC’s Masters program in Studio/Jazz Guitar. Mitch is set to release his second album, “Air Plain”, with his newly formed band of prominent musicians based in Los Angeles and the Bay Area in California.

The past allows us to learn through experience, the present to choose how we want to be, think, and feel, and the future to see down a direction, plan ahead, and to be able to foresee any obstacles and dangers. Change is a gift that occurs through time… Creativity is a gift that helps us solve problems that are unique to each individual.

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Everyday actions save the world. Quantum physics has shown us that the smaller you go, the more we have an affect on it. The smaller you go, the more you affect things that are big.Mitchell
Music, probably like all things, might even help us see into some of the secrets of our own and collective inner world.Mitchell
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