Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in private instruction in guitar. I teach all styles and levels both in person and on Skype for an affordable rate. If you are in the LA area, I can also help record and engineer your recording project, and can perform at a party or engagement that you need live music for.

Besides that, I welcome feedback and would enjoy hearing from you about music, lyrics, or life in general, so please feel free to say hi.


“All things shall perish from under the sky. Music alone shall live, never to die.” (German Folk song)

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Life is a large and beautiful gift, painful, and blissful, its a gift which includes challenges, and joys, wrapped up together, in a sequence of time, moments, nows.Mitchell
Challenges often help us to realize what’s truly important to us. Adversities, illnesses, bumps on the road, and limitations within our mortal body living in a harsh physical world can also be seen as necessary challenges and reminders.Mitchell
Revenge and self-defense are as different as a donut and vegetable, nutritionally speaking, and taste-bud speaking if you like the taste of donuts and not vegetables. Guilty, at least as a child, that’s all I’ll admit, for now. (sorry for that one, body).Mitchell
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