MLK and Ghandi were masters of harnessing the power of negative or unfavorable circumstances and oppressions and transoforming them into positive action. Instead of ignoring injustices because they were ‘beneath’ them, they often used them and the emotional anger it caused their followers to transform it into a positive force of energy and will to do something great. This is a large scale example, but it is possible on all levels, big and small.

When we weave our way through life, we can get tangled, but it can spark an idea for an interesting new design. It could be the fault of our own or the fabric itself, but the gift of innovation can occur either way. When we skate through life, the ice can get cracked, but it can draw attention to an area we traverse that could use our help and care, or that we could warn others of its danger. It could be the fault of our skating technique or the thin ice itself, but the insights of problem solving or warning others of hazards can occur either way.

Frustrations and grievances at situations, circumstances, or people occasionally occur and are a natural part of life, especially in our fast moving and complex modern world. Nobody’s perfect, and no situation is either, so don’t be too discouraged. Instead, use these imperfections as fuel, as energy to put into something good, something that gets you excited. Emotions like anger, impatience, frustration, fear, and envy usually don’t get a great reputation, and probably for good reason, but instead of ignoring the emotions, we can acknowledge them and do our best to rise above them and draw strength from the energy it produces.

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  1. Lesley Beightol 8 years ago

    I have been checking out some of your articles and i must say nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

    1. Evaline 8 years ago

      I’ve seen the wonder of God through my friends this we81;#e2k1&they love me when I’m truly unloveable, and if THEY can do that, how much more can God love me?? Mind blowing.