You are creating every aspect of your life, just like we do in our dreams. But instead of it being instantaneous, like in a dream, it’s occurring throughout our illusion of ‘time’, and in slow motion. Each thought, word, and deed sets in motion the creative forces of your willpower, which eventually unfolds into the circumstances of your life. If it’s acceptance you seek, be accepting of others and what is occurring, and acceptance will come into your life. If it’s love you seek, be loving, and love will trickle in like rain. If it’s success, help others succeed and don’t worry about outcomes. If it’s joy, be joyful and watch how it ripples out, and enjoy the show. If it’s health, wish health onto others and be a healthy presence. If it’s harmony, focus on singing the part that makes others sound ‘correct’. If it’s courage, be courageous to do what others and yourself will benefit from, and don’t withhold your unique footprint to a world which desires your imprint. If it’s strength, focus on yourself without guilt or fear of selfishness, so that you can inspire and give strength to others. Don’t forget to give yourself compassion, for we are often harder on ourselves than anyone else. Judge not yourself nor others, because judgement is like overrated and stuff. Be open, not closed. Be loving, not fearful, and the stream of goodness everywhere will flow upon you like a dream in slow motion.

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