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Give Yourself the Green Light

In times of trial, take time to trust the tools and tasks trapped in your torso, those entangled from your toe to your tallest in tackling tricky tests.

In all that you think, be your self, and your thoughts will vibrate varyingly and victoriously through valleys and vineyards, and venture further yet amidst the very unkonwn vacant stretches of vacuum above.

In all that you do, be your self, and the world will coalesce around who you are as will even outer space and stars. In 2017, give your hearts language of feeling and unspoken dialogue a shot, a listen, a go, and see where life leads when your core is the captain amidst a sea of calming beauty, crushing depth, beautiful blue, and harsh darkness.

In all that you wonder, think of who you were as a wandering youth, open, abundant in energy and sure footed in your enthusiasm of what the older world still doesn’t fully accept, be it in music or opennes to change the world. Let the youth continue to stand tall for living in the moment, for having fun and laughing, for pushing the world forward in a direction that is more transparent and less tangled in traditions that are trapped in a timebomb of division amidst the maintaining of power and man-made order.

Though it can be crucially challenging to consider a career amidst crushing conformities of cirriculum and cash, contend first the cradling cache of soul, feeling, and truth that resonates within you. Heed not the requests to relinquish your creativity, instead thank them for their precious time and carry on as a crusader for vision, love, and rebellion. Don’t accept a lifeless man made structure like society as the decider of who you are.

Let 2017 be a time when you are who you are, instead of what instituions hope you will be in their blind relinquishing of spontaneity and creativity. Our hearts know the truth in all matters of your life. Don’t let the slow-to-change world around you fool you into thinking that its better to turn off the light inside, to conserve that energy for when the world is more accepting of its urgent message of joy and forgiveness. They will never be ready for who you are, until you are already that person. Then, they will thank you, just as we thank all of the crusaders of the heart, musicians, writers, activists, and scientists who were once persucuted for breaking the mold and causing trouble. In all that you are, be you in every way so that we can learn from you and be ourselves as well.


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