Obstacle courses are fun. They push us, pull us, challenge us. They overcome us, or become overcome. They test our limits, stretch our bounds. They put us in the moment, and like any good game, they are great at allowing the petty distractions of life to dissipate. Literal obstacle courses are in fact quite rare unless you’re at some sort of cool kids camp or playground structure, what the hell am I even talking about?

My hand surgeon called back about my X-rays from my¬†hardware removal of my wrist, and said everything is healing great, and that I can start swimming again. I’m so glad, because this will help my head as well. This is a huge relief. Just in time for the Doctorate.

Since life gives us the gift of change through time, we heal over the course of it. Nothing ever is static, stuck, or broken, at least not permanently. We are moving through life at the pace you are ready to move, light speed, or slow as a snail, but we’re moving. Just like the Universe, we are always expanding into the moment, widening our bounds, reaching the limits we’ve never reached before.

Take a moment to realize that its a brand new moment, full of potential and unknown. Give a blessing of gratitude to your allies, and you have many. Not only family and friends, but the miracles of your mind, body and soul all working together, seamlessly and without interruption. Your heart pumping the blood is delivering all the nutrients you need. Just because we get used to the insane workings of the mind-body function, doesn’t mean its any less amazing.

When you’re down, its because you know what up is like. When you’re lost, its because you know where home is. When you’re out of it, it’s because you’re familiar with in; in the groove, in the zone, in the center, in the heart. So don’t worry if you’re low, cos that trampoline shoots you higher the lower you get. In the world of duality, we gotta understand the moments are unfolding for us to experience both.

Obstacle courses are cool and all, they’re fun. Lighten up and you may find that a relaxed effort produces better results. Encourage others and you may find there’s a camaraderie that helps keep us going. Team up with others and you may find better results when whatever was difficult for you was easier for someone else, and vice versa. Listen to others and you may understand a better path or way. I like obstacle courses, especially when I remember that I’m in them.

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