Just had the pre-op for my small operation tomorrow to get the metal plate out of my right forearm. My wrist and forearm were operated on three years ago to repair ligament damage and shorten my ulner bone due to a longer than normal length. Recovery took longer than normal because of it being a bigger issue than the MRI showed, and my ability to play music was in question and I had no choice but to begin to consider other career options in case things didn’t improve. So, it was a big turning point for my life and career when I recovered just before getting into USC for grad school. This will be the last phase of it. It is a two week recovery, of which I’ll be in Petaluma for, thankfully. The operation will be small, but I will be under general anesthesia. Please keep me in your thoughts. 

On another note, I made it home to Petaluma last night, this morning I couldn’t help but smile walking around this beautiful town with trees and green everywhere, it’s been a long and busy two years in the heart of urban LA, so I really am loving and appreciating the small town, NorCal, Petaluma, Slownoma County, home-grown beauty. Nature, fresh air, so great, wow.

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