Every moment is a different perspective of right now.

Gratitude, awareness, reflection, and openness to beauty are just a few tools to lock into the moment, the groove, the zone, the channel, the good stuff. Right now is all we got, but not to worry; it’s so vast and infinite that its always changing. Since right now is infinite and eternal, every moment is a further unfolding of it, providing you with a completely new perspective and also from a different perspective.

Since we don’t travel near the speed of light, the relative realities of space-time that Einstein began to lay out for us aren’t ingrained in us as second-nature like gravity and motion are. But, if they were, we would perhaps more easily see and understand that every moment is not only just a different perspective of right now, but that every moment moves depending on your speed relative to everyone else’s, and that alone further illustrates how every moment is literally a stretching of right now, a bending of space-time movement into infinity. It’s because, well, science. And, coolness. 

Complexities aside, we don’t need to twist our brains attempting to understanding the mysteries of the Universe to take advantage of them. Having gone through some darkness in my path, I appreciate the light of day a little more each time I come out of it, and I realize that every moment is a gift that keeps giving. Millions of moments mean millions of gifts, all added up to become one massive infinite gift; right now. ‪#‎rightnow‬ ‪#‎everymoment‬‪#‎differentperspective‬ ‪#‎sheblindedmewithscience‬ ‪#‎coolness‬

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